Types of Investments

We consult on several investment opportunities. We assess opportunities and link suitable interested parties. We strive for successful outcomes and profitable business synergies. All interested party due diligence is performed to ensure all asset protection is maintained.

“The mining boom is over & agriculture is to take its place through innovative business & finance structures”

Investment opportunities are varied and synergies depend on investor investment appetite, attitude to risk and time horizon of investments.

Investment structures include;

  • Syndicate Farm Investment – collaboration farming, share farming, livestock lease and agistment options.
  • Joint Ventures – crop production, livestock or/& mixed farming.
  • Direct Passive Investment Land – investors enjoy the agriculture asset class without the added complexity of production and operational risk. Fixed return opportunity.
  • Direct Active Investment – investors have the opportunity to have land asset exposure and production exposure. The risk/reward of this investment class has a higher potential return with exposure to climatic conditions.
  • Equity Partnerships – involves active and passive business structures. Opportunity to have exposure to rural land asset and commodity asset. Various arrangements to suit all interested parties. Allows for opportunity with buy/sell agreements to gain larger equity stakes. AgValue has identified that equity holdings are becoming more prominent within agriculture. It is an opportunity for farm landholders and farm business’s to utilise capital to use for business expansion and growth. Australia has historically financed farm acquisitions through debt financing. Rural equity models can be the innovation to use debt finance for business expansion and capital for land asset accumulation.