About Us

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Passionate about rural and regional areas

AgValue Pty Ltd is a;

Rural and Regional Asset Management,

Rural Business Solutions and

Rural Land and Infrastructure Investment Portal business.

AgValue is a proactive company that provides valuation, farm planning, business strategic planning and asset management services.

The business is passionate about rural and regional areas of Australia and focuses its work in this area.

The business is providing services to business that will aid innovative investment structures into rural and regional areas.

AgValue provides services for farmer clients and investors who want an independent focused approach to their business.

“Farmers are the custodians of our land. Let’s ensure it is used in a sustainable and viable way”

AgValue has developed through experience with clients and seeing challenges that face the agriculture industry such as;

  • Australian farmers are an ageing population
  • Succession or farm transition is a large issue
  • Accumulated high debt levels
  • Price – cost squeeze has taken the profits out of farming
  • Lack of interest from younger generation as they are encouraged to seek other high paying careers plus lack of lump sum startup capital
  • A shortage and lack of a reliable workforce with the required skills is a large problem.
  • Foreign investment is getting a large footprint within Australian land ownership.

It became necessary to meet these challenges, so we started AgValue Pty Ltd.

Whilst AgValue is separate and distinct from the financial planning, agronomy, accounting, legal and real estate divisions. Our team has strong relationships and liaise with each of these specialised areas.