Rural Equity Investment

AgValue Rural Equity Investment business – is a rural land transition business with long term leaseback structure. Our business model also applies production exposure on a case by case basis suitable to our investment criteria.

Agvalue Pty Ltd has a weighted investment criteria for assessment and valuation of farms that are suited to this model. Due to the longterm leaseback arrangement of the business a weighted lessee/equity owner criteria must also be met.

We actively seek to engage private sector partners, either through co-investment or management arrangements, to harness their experience and reduce investment risk. The key to AgValue Rural Equity Investment business is to use managers/owners who have a vested interest in the farming land and business. These managers may have an opportunity to gain a unit holding once their experience and accrued capital reaches a certain level. Unlike the large corporate organisations which spend a lot of the money at the top level and can’t understand why they don’t make money this business is starting from the ‘grass roots’ level with focus on family farm transition.