Why Invest with us?

We back ourselves in what is the future of agriculture to establish a Rural Equity Investment Business which targets;

  • Farmers who are looking for entry/farm expansion opportunities. Farmers have vested interest to maintain land and increase production.
  • Farmers who are looking for a retirement option that means not selling the farm. We provide opportunities for the farm family to retain equity interest in the farm to pass to future generations.
  • Investors have the ability to hold equity in farms, to have reliable investment returns and longterm capital growth opportunities.

The business model strives to;

  • Transforming and changing land acquisition to assist farmers. Farmers can retire with a secure nest egg or regular income from their retained interest (unit holding) – this interest can also be passed onto future generations or beneficiaries.
  • Investors have a secure long term investment. Wealth creation through positive cashflows, capital appreciation and access to food security commodities.
  • Farmers can limit their exposure to risk by reducing debts allowing for business expansion or capacity development of management strength and decisions.
  • Young farmers will demonstrate sound financial and business skills whilst engage in managing these farms which will ultimately lead to farm ownership. Empowering the workers and younger generation.
  • Security of tenure of Australian farms

Due to land asset transitional issues, ageing population, lack of skillset in workforce, lack of capital to enter farm acquisitions. Due to the lack of capital within the business many farmers hit roadblocks enhancing these issues discussed.

We need better business partnerships on both the land asset and farming business level.

Equity partnership are the future. It is already happening internationally with success rates and has started within the Australian Dairy industry. We need to adopt the principles and apply them to broadacre and irrigation farms.

There is no set rule as each farm has their own unique attributes, such as soil type, rainfall, topography, infrastructure and locality.

We have a proactive approach that implements clear pathways to ensure ownership transition occur in line with objectives set at the start of an investment with all interest parties priorities and asset protection being the upmost importance to success.

Our team at AgValue have experience and specialist knowledge in;

  • Farm Asset Selection and Asset Allocation
  • Governance, Policy, Procedures and Reporting
  • Farm Production and Land Capability

For further information contact: info@agvalue.com.au